Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On Vacation - a real one!

I'm on vacation again. This time it's a real one becaues my kids are back in school, hubby is at work and I've got the house all to myself! COOL! Or at least it would be if I didn't have to go to class tonight - yeah the photography class I referenced last time. Hmph! Ain't no shame in my game. I am inept. I still ain't getting it. This whole aperture/shutter speed/ISO/distance/ depth of field etc. I just ain't getting it. Having said that, I did take a couple of cool pictures and managed to nail last week's assignment, but how I managed to do that, I have no mailto:*#@$ idea. None whatsoever.

I don't know. It has dawned on me that the last time I was in school Jared was in kindergarten, Jordyn was one and Justin was in the oven baking. Yep he walked across the stage with me, or should I say in me, when I got my master's degree (no wonder he's so smart - but I digress). My point is that even though all three of them required my attention, none of them were in school that had homework or in any other activity that required my time and attention like now. I've got their homework and mine to do and it's only the first week of school for them, second for me. What was I thinking when I decided to take this class?

Oh well. I am in my scraproom totally reorganizing. It's a mess but it's a good mess because it's in the process of getting organized. I finally got around to getting it carpeted and I also added another cabinet and I bought this awsome 8-section storage bin from Ikea. Even though it is so chaotic in here, I can see tons of progress! I'm already lovin' it! Can't wait to get done.

What else. I am sure I will regret putting this in writing, but I have been doing really really well in terms of watching what I've been eating over the last week or so. I think I'm down roughly three pounds. Not much, but its at start right? So now that I have put this on the www for the www (whole wide world) to see, I'm sure I'll be up six pounds by the time I blog again.

Dave and my dad will probably install the hard wood flooring throughout the remainder of the first floor that doesn't have it already or isn't carpeted, some time this weekend. Woo hoo, I am sooooooooo loving my "new" house!!!! Dave continues to make huge progress on that lengthy honey-do list!

Okay, I'm off to find that dang stash of Tinkering Ink papers I seem to have misplaced.



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation, and yeah! you're back to blogging!


shannon said...

i am taking the big picture photo class. all that crap confused the heck out of me, but i played around with it and it makes more sense. you'll get there!

hera said...

have fun with ALL that homework!! lol...looking forward to you locating that tinkering ink and popping some of your gorgeous kiddos on it.

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